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Exclusive: Romania’s future Commissioner?

Permanent Representative of Romania to the European Union, Luminita Odobescu, with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis | Facebook - Luminita Odobescu

By Ioan Bucuraș

It’s now almost official. Luminita Odobescu, Permanent Representative of Romania to the European Union will most likely be nominated by Viorica Dancila to be the next Romanian Commissioner. This has been suggested by high-ranked officials in the Romanian Permanent Representation in Brussels, and also spread across governmental offices in Bucharest.

She has been praised by her staff, has always kept a good and functional relationship with the governing party PSD while being actively supported by President Iohannis. Former PM Dacian Ciolos also spoke highly of her work in an interview for EURACTIV. Given the fact that there seems to be some sort of trilateral consensus between the three major political forces in Romania regarding her nomination, it is almost certain that she will be next Commissioner.

There are rumours about her taking over the energy portfolio as well. This suggests that this is the compromise that France and Germany would want to achieve, after finding it hard to reach common grounds on the matter.

Another name that floated around was that of former MEP Daciana Sarbu, Victor Ponta’s wife. This would also explain Ponta’s recent flirts with his former party, PSD, which caused irritation in his own ProRomania party. Sarbu’s nomination, however, is very unlikely to happen.

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